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The ClearWash PR40

ClearWash PR40 Unit

Highly Efficient Filtration System

ClearWash PR40 filters down to 5 microns at 40 gal/min even when the variable flow situation can become as low as 1 gal/minute. This system efficiently filters dirty water through a natural and porous man-made media filter to remove grease, oil, and dirt to produce clean water for reuse in the car wash over and over again!

Pressure Gauge

Low Maintenance

Reduce the time spent cleaning dirty reclaim filters with the ClearWash Reclaim System. The nightly backwashing removes the day’s grimy buildup from the reclaim filter for you, leaving the reclaim system (and car wash) ready and primed to run the next day! With ClearWash you won’t need to spend time cleaning or replacing your filters as often. Seasonal filter checkups are still recommended.

Freshwater Rinse

Reduce Fresh Water Usage By Up To 60%

Freshwater is a critical resource for any operator to keep the car wash running and producing clean cars for their customers. With ClearWash PR40, you can drastically reduce your reliance on freshwater use and costs and start to put some money back into your pocket. To understand how our system can save you money, contact us today.

Ozone Gauge

Simply Dial in Your Odor Control

Controlling smelly odors with some reclaim systems can become time-consuming and frustrating for operators. Clear Technologies has simplified odor control with a turn of a dial. A typical ozone reclaim system generally produces between 8 to 12 gr/hr. Our proprietary system can generate up to 3X the ozone per hour, which a broader bandwidth to help overcome unwanted odors safely.

PR40 Inlets and Outlets

Easy Installation

The PR40 is designed to be installed, tested, and ready to go in one day! All it requires is plumbing, back-up water feed, and electrical to be installed to our specs. It doesn't even need to be wired to the car wash controller. The system is ready to produce reclaimed water for your car wash 24/7.

For car washes with an existing system, our units are built to seamlessly connect with the most common reclaim setups the market. Contact us to get a site assessment.