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Introducing The ClearWash Reclaim System

When it comes to cleaning used water, Clear Technologies has you covered: A high-performance system that helps you save on water and money.

You pay for every drop of water that comes into your wash – so why not make the most of it before it goes into the sewer? With growing pressure from cities to conserve as well as increasing water costs, a ClearWash PR40 reclaim System makes your car wash site more efficient and effective with the resources it uses. Not only is it smart – it’s also green!

A Clear Solution For Your Business.

ClearWash PR40 Unit

ClearWash Reclaim Features


Filters to 5 Microns

A media filter efficiently removes particulates from dirty water to produce clean water for reuse with chemicals and for final rinse.
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Easy Odour Control

Safe and direct injection ozone system.
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Recycle & Reuse

Recycles the dirty car wash water.
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Reduce Costs

Reduce the fresh water use in your car wash.
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Easy Installation

The pre-configured pipes connect to most reclaim tank systems.
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Fail Safe Switch

Never worry about running out of water for your wash.

Get To Know The Science

With our expertise and experience in the car wash and water treatment industries,
become familiar with how a reclaim system processes dirty car wash water for reuse.

Separation Process

Run-off water from inside the car wash is directed into a series of settlement tanks where each tank helps separate the dirt, debris, soap, and oils from the dirty water before it is ready to be processed through the reclaim system for use.

Filtration Process

Reclaim systems use a variety of filtering methods to remove fine debris, oils, and grease from the water by using a hydro-cyclone process, disposable filter, stainless steel filter or other types of media filtration. Also the GPM output of the reclaim unit can also affect the level of microns you produce for your car wash.

Odor Control

There are a variety of methods used to control odor in reclaim systems, from chemicals to biological solutions to ozone. Managing unwanted smells at your car wash can be a little or a lot of work, depending on the system you decide choose. Understand the process, costs, and time required before selecting a reclaim system.